Duurzame talent matching voor werknemers met een auditieve en/of visuele beperking.

Ctalents: The specialist in visual or hearing impaired talent

Ctalents supports (young) professionals with a visual or hearing impairment in finding regular paid jobs. We are the link between employers and job seekers with hearing or visual impairment. Our mission is to provide everyone with a visual or hearing impairment with a regular, paid job. Our candidates discover and develop their talents through our training program. We think in terms of possibilities and then look for the best match between candidate and client.

Secondment of sensory talent within your organisation

You can contact us for starters, young professionals or talent with extensive work experience. From administrative assistants, support staff or project employee’s to marketers, policy officers, architects or (financial) consultants. Candidates with various backgrounds and educational levels. From secondary vocational education to bachelor and masters degree.

Want to know more? Contact us at 0031-20 6765416 or info@ctalents.nl

Note: Turn on English subtitles.

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